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Montessori Methods

Montessori Methods

Nearly 100 years ago in Italy, Dr. Maria Montessori, through observation and experimentation, began to work out a set of educational principles which had special application to pre-school children.
Briefly, the Montessori approach rests upon these points:
Very young children experience sensitive periods during which they learn more easily than at an earlier or later time in their lives. Children should be introduced to the world of learning through a prepared environment, in which specially designed apparatus and techniques are used to engage the child's mind at a given level of readiness in mastering a variety of tasks.
Discipline is a point of arrival, not of departure. Inner-discipline cannot be achieved effectively except in an atmosphere of freedom. The children learn to work by themselves in the prepared environment of the class while enjoying the presence of other children. Their learning tasks center on the use of many materials, which are so designed that they test their understanding and correct their errors at every step in the learning process. The teacher prepares the environment, directs the activity and offers the child stimulation, but it is the child who learns through the motivation that he finds in the work itself.
The objectives of the Montessori Education are to promote the intellectual, the social, the emotional and the physical development of the child.
Develop concentration
Acquire a rich vocabulary
Form mathematical concepts
Work independently and at his/her own pace and ability
Respect the rights of others
Work and play happily together
Be a leader
Learn to share
Develop a love for learning
Develop independence and self discipline
Develop a positive self-image
Gain satisfaction from work accomplished
Develop muscular skills
Learn proper use and care of materials
Develop good habits of safety and health
Co-ordinate his/her movement
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